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Three Voltage Wet Sponge Pin Hole Detector

  • Model: WSPD-1006
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  • Manufactured by: ROKTOOLS
  • Shipping Date: 04/02 2019

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Three Voltage Wet Sponge Pin Hole Detector​
    The Tester is also knowns as wet sponge testers,  Thin Film Holiday Detector,low voltage holiday detectors, low voltage porosity detectors or pin hole detectors,has received wide acceptance in the corrosion control and industrial painting industry as a device for locating bare spots (or holidays,cracks etc) in the thin protective films which are sprayed or brushed on metal or concrete surfaces. This pinhole detector is non-destructive with low voltage of 9V,67.5V,90V DC output. The inspection electrode consists of a 168×68×28mm cellulose sponge which, when dampened with water, is moved over the coated surface. When the electrode passes a void or bare spot, a small current flows and actuates an audible signal in the instrument. The damp sponge provides an electrically conductive film that contacts the surface being inspected and insures good inspection even in corners and around irregular shapes where holidays are most likely to occur.

Use the wet sponge method to detect pinholes in thin coatings.

Main Features:
* Conformable to ASTM G62-A; ASTM G6, AS3894.2-2002 (Wet Sponge Testing); NACE RPO274-98; and AS1580.485.1
* LED display of voltage
* Low battery condition LED indicator
* Rechargeble battery
* Non-destructive, sponge-type holiday detector
* Large standard sponge
* Selectable 9; 67.5 or 90v test voltage
(1)thickness:     9V-for 300 UM;
                       67.5V- for 500 UM;
                       90Vfor 500 UM;
(2)Ohm:          9V-90KΩ+5%;
(3)Voltage accuracy:+5%;
(4)Power supply: rechargeable 11.1V/1100mA Li-pol battery
(8)Sponge size:168×68×28mm
(9)Probe length:196mm
(10)Earth cable:4m
(11)Operating temperature: 1 - +50 *C
Pinhole main unit          1pc
Standard wand and flat sponge 
Earth wire                                                   1pc
Charger                                                       1pc
Carrying case                                             1poc
Manual                                                         1pc
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