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High Field Energy Moisture Meter MOME-4002

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High Field Energy Moisture Meter MOME-4002  
    MOME-4002 Moisture Meter with High Field Energy is a new fast moisture meter researched and developed by ROKTOOLS based on introducing advanced foreign technology with simply operation and fast test speed. It can test the electromagnetic field sensitive to hydrone around the probe and figure out accurate moisture content through generating fixed electric field energy by energy absorption of hydrone and comparing it with lost electric field energy. It can also figure out different moisture content according to different energies in light of substances with different moisture contents.
Since our company applies technique integrating electric field sensor and host machine, the equipment has the following features: small volume, light weight, high test sensitivity and LCD display; furthermore, the overlength probe can meet test requirements of products under different circumstances. The operation interface is equipped with 6 exclusive gears to test moisture content of different samples; for example: grain, straw, chemical industry, flour, sandy soil and forage etc.
At present, Moisture Meter has been extensively applied to grain depot, farm, purchase of grain, seed station, field and research fields of institutions of higher education.
II. Technical Characteristic:
1. Scope of Moisture Determination: 0-99%
2. Display: Digital display with LCD
3. Operating Environment: -5-+60℃
4. Volume: 205×65×50 MM (L × W × T)
5. Power Supply: 9V battery (6F22 type)
6. Weight: 0.24 KG
III. Method of Operation:
1. Before testing moisture, hold the meter in hand (the probe cannot touch the tested object); put on the switch (pull the switch to ON) and the digital display is at ±00.5; otherwise, screw the reset knob slowly.
2. Moisture can be tested after zero adjustment; then insert the probe totally into the tested substance; the indication is the actual moisture content.
Notes 1: We suggest test at different points so as to acquire accurate moisture content; then take the average value.
Notes 2: Since the meter can generate high energy field and has strong penetrability, there should be no metal substances around and at the bottom of the object while testing moisture.
IV. Change of Battery:    
When there is not display or the reset position cannot be adjusted to ±00.5 and the digital display is in a mess; change the battery, which is behind and below the meter; screw it down and cap the screw; take the old battery out and put in a new one.
V. Maintenance:
When the battery has sufficient power and the reset position cannot be adjusted to ±00.5, screw the zero adjustment knob to the middle place and uncap the battery cover; there is a adjustable potentiometer at the gap, adjust it by a screwdriver so that the digital display is at ±00.5.

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