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Silicon Steel Loss Tester/ Meter

  • Model: LOTE-1030
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  • Manufactured by: ROKTOOLS
  • Shipping Date: 04/02 2019

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Silicon Steel Loss Tester/ Meter
    Silicon steel sheet loss meter adopts the low loss silicon core as the test permeameter of the magnetic circuit design, and it is an excellent product that can measure the performance of the monolithic silicon steel.
The instrument employs the perfect combination of SCM control and analog electronics technique, and it will carry out the real-time sampling of the secondary induced voltage V and primary excitation current I, and lower the air compensation of the permeameter below 1.0mV. Meanwhile, the waveform feedback technology is adopted, which can guarantee the magnetic flux Ø sine. The design satisfies the requirements in GB/T3655-2000 standard completely, and it is a small silicon steel meter that can trace to the source of the mark on the silicon steel sample. When compared to its peers, it achieves the data accuracy and repeatability of the measurement, leading the world with advanced level.
Product function
● The accurate measurement of closed permeameter for the oriented and non-oriented silicon steel
● Loss measurement of the open permeameter for the monolithic stator P1.5/50
● The closed measurement can lock the Ps of the magnetic induction Bm test
● The closed measurement can lock the excitationmagnetic strengthHm to test the magnetic induction
● The closed permeameter achieves the compensation of zero magnetic flux
● Micro-square has continued the standard square
● It can operate on the panel directly, and one machine can finish the location test.
● It can finish the test of various curves by connecting the computer

Instrument parameter
● Power input: 220V±20V/0.5A, 50Hz
● Power output: 15V/1.5A (50Hz/60Hz)
● Bm setting range: 500mT-1900mT
● Hm setting range:100A/m-10000A/m
● Ps accuracy: 2.0%, Bm accuracy: 2.0%
● Matching: FE-30SSTtesting software (Windows)
● Matching: computer communicates with the equipment RM232 port
● Volume: 280mm×90mm×300mm


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