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Inside Micrometer

     Inside micrometer , alwo refered to interal micrometer, is the device to precisely measure the inside diameter of items. Compared with outside micrometer, it includes caliper type, tubular, three point inside micrometer. A tubular inside micrometer consists of a cylindrical tube that may be placed in the inner diameter of a hole or ring to precisely determine the diameter, or between two parallel surfaces to measure the distance between them. Once the tubular micrometer is in place, there will usually be a way to extend the tube until it contacts both sides of the inner diameter of whatever is being measured. Caliper-type micrometers generally feature one stationary and one movable caliper mounted on a tube, with the ability to adjust the movable caliper out along the length of the tube to make a measurement. ROKTOOLS offer OEM for special micrometer upon your drawing, your design. Contact our sales team if you have any question for special one. 

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