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Digital Voice Concrete Test Hammer Resiliometer

  • Model: RESI-1075
  • Shipping Weight: 4.6kg
  • 18 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: ROKTOOLS
  • Shipping Date: 04/26 2019

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Digital Voice Concrete Test Hammer Resiliometer
    This product is suitable for supervision company, quality sampling inspected in-site, and testing centers etc., at the same time, it can automatically evaluating results in-site, without manual calculation.
1. LCD large screen, high-resolution 160 * 160 (general LCD resolution is 160*128 in market)
2. Low-power : with AA alkaline batteries 2 pcs (general products with 6 pcs in market)
3. As per this product with sweet voice report rebound value  function, therfore, it can to improve the working efficiency of inspecter. (general products without voice report rebound value function in market)
4. Using USB communication interface, then it can quickly export component data after connecting PC.(communication interface for general products is RS232 in market)
5. Easy to operate, the abnormal value can be removed automatically, after software set the rebound value for upper and lower limited.
6. Reboound hammers mechanical parts using imported materials, processing precision of parts is very high due to use CNC machining center equipments, and it with long product life. It has a high performance and lower price advantage in market.
Product Specification
1. Measuring strength ranges: 10-60MPa
2. Normal impact energy: 2.207J
3. Stiffness of strike tension spring: 785N/cm
4. Strike hammer stroke: 75mm
5. The consistency of the sample displayed values: ≤±1(difference value between digital sampling output value  and the pointer readings)
6. The rebound values calibrated on steel anvil: 80±2
7. Power: 1.5V AA alkaline batteries 2pcs
8. Power consumption: sampling case ≤50mA(average current); idle case: ≤20mA
9. Storage: 100*50*16=80000 testing results
Packaing List
1. Rebound hammer host(with sensor componet) 1 pc
2. Rebound hammer display set 1 pc (with electronic circuit)
3. On-line communication USB cable 1 pc
4. Communication cable for sensor 1 pc
5. 1.5V AA alkaline batteries  2 pcs
6. Display set lanyard 1 pc
7. CD disc 1pc (with data management program)
8. User manual 1 booklet
9. Millstone 1pc (with plastic box)
10. Product Certification of inspection 1 page
11 Product warranty 1 page
12. Desiccant 1 bag
13. Portable special instrument box 1 pc
14. Packaging listing 1 page

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