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Concrete Cover Meter&Rebar Locator

  • Model: RELO-1290
  • Shipping Weight: 10kg
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  • Manufactured by: ROKTOOLS
  • Shipping Date: 03/29 2019

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Concrete Cover Meter&Rebar Locator
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     Concrete cover meter can be used in inspecting the construction quality of reinforced concrete works: testing diameter, location, and distribution of rebar as well as the thickness of protective layers. In addition, it is also designed to examine the location of magnetic and conductor in non-magnetic medium and non-conducting medium, such as inspecting the distribution of cables or water supply and hearting pipelines within wall.
Main Features:
*Locate rebar quickly 
*Mark reinforcing bars automatically.
*Detect the thickness of the protective layer automatically
*Automatically detect ambient temperature and record test time.
*Real-time display measuring value.
*Unlimited grid scan and section scan mode. 
*Real-time data analysis
*Professional Windows data processing software
*Friendly human-computer interactive interface
*Various built-in various helpful files and demo videos facilitate the users to conduct skilled instrument operation.
*4GB large-capacity SD card can store more than 100,000 data

Main technical specifications

Hardware Platform Embedded ARM9 Hardware Platform, WinCe5.0 Operating System,True Color TFT Touch Screen
Measuring Range of Covering Layer Thicness
Low range: 6mm-90mm
Hihg range: 6mm-200mm
Tolerance of covering layer thickness Tolerance Min(mm) Max(mm)
  +/-1 6-59 6-79
  +/-2 60-69 80-119
  +/-3 70-90 120-200
Measuring Range of Rebar Diameter Ф6mm~Ф50mm
Tolerance of Rebar Diameter +/-1 grade
Power Supply Rechargeable Lithium Battery
Working Time More than 28 Hours
Working Temperature -10℃-+50 degee
Working Humidity less tha 90%RH
Working Environment No powerful altrnatingmagnetic field.

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